About Me

I’m Sarah Didsbury, I was born in May 1984 – making me a Taurus, for those it matters to – I live at home with my mum and dad in the suburbs of one of the UK’s largest cities. I’m reluctant to say exactly where because we cops get a bit paranoid about too many people knowing too much about us.

My dad used to be a sergeant in the same force that I am in, he retired after thirty years five years ago; he both encouraged and discouraged me from being in the police at the same time.

My mum’s great, she works part-time for social services as a home carer but is doing less and less now so her and dad can spend more time together since he retired.

I guess I’m a bit too comfortable at home for my own good; it’s nice though to have a dad who understands what it feels like to work nights and a mum who is used to looking after someone who works all the unsocial hours that the police requires. They both worry though – mum more than dad – I think dad has a lot of faith in the police team who look after each other, he knows there are people watching my back just like his team watched his.

In my spare time I keep fit, running, gym, swimming and I’ve also just started going to free extra self defence classes at work which is fun. I also love taking our dog Toby for walks.

I have a small car but only learnt to drive a year ago; this has meant that my driving police cars at work has been hampered but I hope to get a driving course soon.



  1. Haunted TUNA replied:

    I like that your webdesign is simple, yet stylish. 🙂

  2. sarahpolicelady replied:

    Thanks for the comment; I guess the site is like me then: simple but stylish!

  3. Gail replied:

    Hi Sarah
    I saw your blog today on Fuel My Blog. I really like it, particularly the content. Very interesting to get your insights into life as a policewoman. I’m writing today about my favourite blogs and will be including yours. All the best, Gail

  4. sarahpolicelady replied:

    Thanks for the comment Gail, I’m glad you like it.

  5. Navin replied:

    sarah, i was on this http://www.bloggerforum.com and as i was checking links, it’s just overwhelming to sort things out and i found some interesting topics mentioned by you and i happened to stumble by your nice blog.

    Nice to know about you, it’s your blog design, it’s sooo cool.. cool is the word for your blog and yeah.. i’m from Nepal.. just opposite part of your world i guess..

  6. yongkailoon replied:

    I noticed that you added me in your blogroll when I checked my Technorati. I’ll link you back in return. Cheers. 😀

  7. sarahpolicelady replied:


    Thanks for your lovely comments, I think it’s fascinating that we can read about the lives of people in such far off places around the world.

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  9. Tarun replied:

    hey, having read u blog, i would just say that you shouldn’t have retired. its really nice to have insights of such a busy and tough profession from someone inside. and then the way you have put your views is really cool.
    hope you decide to come back.

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