It’s good to be a woman in the Police

No matter what people tell you, being a Police Officer is not feminine. When I look at some of my female colleagues who have lasted the distance in the Police, some of them, I’m afraid to say, have let slip their femininity in favour of a sort of practical utilitarian approach to dress and appearance, you know the sort of thing: really short hair, no make-up to save the bother of reapplying in an emergency. It makes sense; much of police work means getting sweaty and dirty; being on patrol means that the amount of girl-stuff you can take with you is limited. I have always been quite practical – so you might not look your best after a week of night shifts with disturbed sleep, and your male colleagues might mock attempts to retain girliness, but that is no reason to let standards slip, it just takes a little more effort. Besides, being in the police has given me a head and shoulders advantage of some of my girlfriends, my body for example : I keep fit – very fit; I have never had a body like I have now and I’m determined to keep it that way. And if being a testosterone charged brute has its advantages at times in the cops, so does being a well turned out woman. The others on our team still laugh at me, after all I only have two years in the job; they say that in another two years I’ll be smoking, drinking and cussing like the rest of them. I am a cop – a good one I hope – but I’m a girl too, and proud of it.

So, in addition to the Asp on my belt, my torch, notebook, HORT1 pad (I’ll explain another time), Stop and Search/Account forms, Swiss Army knife, CS canister, hand held radio, pocket notebook, pen, piece of string (again I’ll explain another time) and mini A-Z, I also have with me at all times an emergency mirror, hairbrush and lip gloss. Plus in my locker back at the nick I have make-up touch up kit, body spray, perfume, a nail file (I would prefer to have this with me but it’s too easily used as a weapon by someone else)

I’m on late shifts this weekend, that will mean the start of my shift on my regular beat, probably a shoplifter at some stage. Then later in the evening into the city centre to back-up the regular city patrols for the weekend’s madness.

Bye for now I’ll write some more soon.


March 2, 2007. girl-stuff, make-up, police, working women.

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