I’m Sarah and I’m a cop

Hi World! I’m Sarah and I’m a cop. I’ve wanted to do this blog thing for a while and finally got round to it. I thought it would be good to be able to write about what it’s like being a cop but also being a girl. Believe me despite all the best efforts of the bosses it’s still different for girls!

I’ve been in the UK police for two years and work on foot (at the moment, but I hope that will change before long – I so want to drive!) in an inner city area. I’d best not tell you exactly where in case I get in trouble – we don’t want that. Suffice to say it’s a large city.

I applied twice to get in the police, the whole thing took two years. I was working in Boots at the time – a good start in some ways, taught me to keep my patience when dealing with idiots! But I’d always wanted to be in the police since being a little girl. I was impressed by Policeladies, as my mum called female police officers, I wanted to be one of those women who appeared smart and in control of everything. And now I’m one of them – except I’m not always in control. I now understand how much goes on beneath the surface; but I’ll tell you more about that in the future.

I’ve got a day off today so am off to the gym now, see you later!


February 26, 2007. girl-stuff, life, police.

One Comment

  1. Christian replied:

    Hi Sarah,

    welcome to the blogosphere! It´s interesting to read about other people´s jobs, especially in other countries. I have been only once in the UK, and all the police officers I met were polite and friendly. Hope to read more from you on this blog.

    Best regards from Germany,


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